Deer meat is rare and nutritious delicacy

Deer is very tasty, low in fat and nutritionally valuable meat. Due to low content of fat it is very easy to digest. It contains lots of protein, B-vitamins and minerals such as sodium, potassium, iron and phosphorus.

Back, loin roast or sirloin, round and shoulder are suitable for stewing and roasting. Neck is also suitable for cooking and stewing.

The best venison (game meat) is the fallow deer meat. Make goulash out of it!

Fallow deer meat is delicious and tasty. This type of game meat is very lean and suitable for any diet since it is almost fat-free. Among all venison, the fallow deer meat is considered to be the most delicious.

Fallow deer delicacies

The fallow deer meat could be used to prepare goulash or roast. When preparing fallow deer meat meals, one can use the same cooking approach as by any other kinds of meat, i.e. by cooking goulash. Culinary fancy especially the fallow deer meat on wine.


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