1.1 TERMS & CONDITIONS. These conditions lay down the supplier-customer relationship for the sale of farm products and are obligatory (binding) on the sale of all goods. By concluding the purchase contract, the customer undertakes and accepts these general terms & conditions.

1.2 SUPPLIER. Velkostatek Tetín s.r.o., registered in the Commercial Register under the file No. C 153336 at the Municipal Court in Prague. ID No.: 28922221. VAT No.: CZ28922221. Registered office at: náměstí Kněžny Ludmily 1, Tetín, ZIP 266 01. Legal form: Limited liability company. Date of incorporation: July 1st, 2009. Phone: 727 980 668, e-mail: farmshop@velkostatektetin.cz.

1.3 CUSTOMER. Customer could be natural person as well as legal entity.


2.1 CREATION OF THE ORDER. Written or verbal order confirmed by the supplier is considered a draft of purchasing contract, which is fulfilled at the moment of delivery of goods, payment and acceptance of goods.

2.2 METHODS OF ORDERING. Goods could be ordered in verbal form, either in person or by phone, or, in written form, using the online ordering form, e-mail, SMS message or using the social networks (Facebook Velkostatek Tetín, Instagram velkostatek_tetin). In case of verbal order, the supplier may request an e-mail confirmation of the order from the customer.


3.1 GOODS ASSORTMENT. Complete assortment of our products could be found on our web site www.velkostatektetin.cz. Complete assortment overview could be also sent in electronic form via e-mail or social networks; information can also be provided at the phone number 727 980 668.

3.2 SELECTING GOODS. After goods selection, entering contact information and sending the order, a written confirmation of the order is provided by the supplier, along with the date of delivery of the goods. Such mutual order confirmation order becomes active.

3.3 GOOD SELL-OUT. In case of sell-out of goods during completing order, the customer shall be informed immediately by phone or in writing and will be provided with alternative goods.

3.4 DELIVERY OF GOODS. When ordering, choose a place of pick-up (personal collection). The list of pick-up locations is regularly updated.


4.1 PRICES ARE VAT INCLUDED. Price of goods listed on the web site www.velkostatektetin.cz are VAT included. Prices are valid at the moment of placing the order.

4.2 FINAL PRICE. Final price is to be confirmed by the e-mail order confirmation by the supplier. Due to the approximate weight of each meat package, the final weight (and price) may vary.

4.3 PAYMENT METHODS. Payment in the mobile shop and at The Farm Shop can be done by cash or using a credit card, in Czech Crowns (CZK) only. Supplier is obliged to print a sales receipt for the customer.


5.1 EXPIRATION DATE OF GOODS. All products are guaranteed fresh until the expiration date as indicated and tagged on the packaging of each good.

5.2 STORE OF GOODS. All storage instructions and information about storage conditions can be found on the label. In case of beef meat, the supplier appoints the general storage conditions (temperature) of 0 to 3 °C. NOTE: Use immediately after opening.


6.1 CANCELATION OF THE ORDER BY THE CUSTOMER. The order is prepared in the morning before pick-up; therefore, the order can be cancelled without any reason until 8 p.m. of the previous day. Cancellation can be only done in writing, by sending an e-mail to farmshop@velkostatektetin.cz.

6.2 CANCELATION OF THE ORDER BY THE SUPPLIER. Cancelation of the order by the supplier is possible due to technical or qualitative issue which occurred unexpectedly on the supplier side only. Alternative date of delivery will be rescheduled with each customer individually.

6.2 CLAIMS & COMPLAINTS. Goods can be claimed according to generally applicable legislation. Describe and specify the complaint (defect) of the good in written form sending it to e-mail farmshop@velkostatektetin.cz or call the sales manager of the meat. If the complaint is laid down at the pick-up (personal collection), the customer possesses the right to refuse to accept the order.

6.3 CLAIM CONDITIONS. The customer is obligated to present a bill of purchase, the original packaging of the meat and ensure adequate storage of claimed meet.

6.4 COMPLAINT DEADLINE. The supplier will resolve the claim immediately or without undue delay, during the claim period of 30 days from the date the claim had been submitted, according to applicable law.


7.1 ORDERING DATA. The personal data protection handling is governed by the Act No. 101/2000 Sb., on personal data protection. By submitting an order, you give your consent to collect, handle and storage of personal data for purpose of selling of and buying goods. Personal data is used for processing your order only.

7.2 DATA FOR NEWSLETTER SUBSCRIPTION. Personal data are protected against disclosure or from third party misuse. Customer gives consent in written or by submitting the order to personal data handling in order to receive regular newsletters. Customer may withdraw the consent any time by e-mail.